Ireland: New beginnings for Ryan

by Alex Noone 248 views

It’s already had 300, 000 views on YouTube, and Irish singer Ryan Dolan is hoping his new video will help young gay men and women overcome prejudice and misunderstanding.

Start Again was released 7 March, shortly after the singer spoke about his sexuality on the Derek Mooney radio show. The song, which Ryan wrote himself, is semi-autobiographical, and along with its video, discusses the issue of suicide among gay teenagers.

The life I lived was all in vain, a worthless show, a pointless game, Ryan sings on Start Again. The song’s video shows two young gay men played by actors from Ireland’s Spolight Stage School. Each deals with his sexuality in a different way; one is openly gay, while the other is trying to hide his sexuality from his schoolmates afraid of how they might react.

The simple message I’m making is that everybody should be who they want to be in life, Ryan told journalists in Ireland. If you’re not happy in you life, don’t end it – simply start again.

Indeed, it seems Start Again marks a new chapter for Ryan Dolan, 28, in both his professional and personal life. He has been contacted by researchers for the Ellen DeGeneres show, as well as by the Australian radio station JoyFM for interviews. Start Again entered the Irish iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart at number 1, and it has so far reached number 9 in the UK and number 10 in Australia. He is expected to announce details of his first ever solo gig soon.

And the song is perhaps helping him to close the door on a painful time in his own life. (The song) is all about accepting yourself, he says. I used to hide all the time. It probably took me about 10 years to come out to my family.

Now that Ryan no longer feels the need to hide his sexuality, he feels much better within himself. Things have changed dramatically since I came out on radio, he explains. I’ve literally had hundreds of messages of support. I feel great, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life to tell the truth.

You can watch his new video below

Ryan Dolan represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö where he finished in 26th, and last, place.