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Dervish, who will represent Ireland in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song They can't stop the spring spoke to Irish editor Gavin Murray about the song and their participation.

John (co-writer), how does it feel to represent Ireland this year compared to not winning the National Final last year?

“To be honest I feel knumb and surprised, I feel that the Eurovision Song Contest is not a joke as it used to be and this year Ireland have voted for quality!”

Cathy (Dervish), how do you feel about this song chosen for you?

“I am absolutely delighted with it and whats more is that to see two fellow county Roscommon people get through to represent Ireland, its amazing.”

Cathy, are you looking forward to Helsinki?

“Yes! very much so and can't wait for the competition, just 'bring it on'!”

Will there be a possible remix of the song?

“Julian (Head of Delegation), Yes maybe, we all will have to sit down together and think about it now, we have the words and melodi but we won't decide on it yet.”

John (co-writer), your ex-lover Sinead O'Conner (a worldwide famous Irish singer) how will she react to your new fame? Did she help you?

“This would have been the first time she would have heard it tonight. I don't know what her reaction will be, who knows? We don't have that kind of relationship though. We are
on good terms.”

John and Tommy (co-writers) how did you create the song for Dervish?

“Tommy gave me the melody, and I had this line in an old song which we'd never be able to do anything with, a line from Alexander Dubcek in the Prague Spring in 1968 when the tanks came in from Moscow into Prague and the students came out and threw the flowers.'”

'Dubcek said: 'They may crush the flowers, but they'll never stop the Spring, you can't
stop the Spring'.

“'And that line I mean it's just kept coming back to me and particularly now in Ireland you know we've got so many people from Eastern Europe, Czechs and Poles and Latvians – it's about the new Ireland as well,'” Mr Waters said.

Dervish, any inspiration from previous Irish winners?

“Yes! 'The Voice' sung by Eimear Quinn in 1996. Actually do you know that we actually provided the original demo for that song, however we couldn't take part due to a packed
schedule at the time.”

Will you be touring Europe to promote your song?

“Cathy: 'Yes Finland in May'” she laughed.

“Head of Delegation: We feel that touring countries is 'not a good formula' at the moment. Looking at last years results we can see that those countries that promoted their song in Europe before the contest did not do well, so i don't think there is any point.”

Good luck to you all and congratulations Dervish!


You can find out more about Dervish on their official website here

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