Montenegro: Sergej will sing Moj Svijet in Eurovision

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The Montenegrin song presentation was held tonight where Sergej Ćetković, finally presented his Eurovision entry for Montenegro. 

Moj Svijet (My World) is the song Sergej will sing this May in Copenhagen, itis a powerful love ballad, which has two versions: English and Montenegrin one. Sergej describes it as:

You could describe it as a Eurovision song, but at the same time it represents me and my style. I am really excited but I don’t have any fears, because I think that the audience will accept this song very well.

The lyrics and music for the song Moj Svijet are written by the Montenegrin representative at 2014 Eurovision Song Contest himself. However, in the team of authors are also Emina Jahović-Sandal, Vladan Popović and Marko Milatović.

After long discussion about the language that the song will be sung, Sergej seemed still unsure which would be the most suitable language for the song but also for the Eurovision format. The song was recorded in a studio in Belgrade.

Recently, Sergej has been travelling to different locations in Montenegro for the filming of his Eurovision music video. There were a lot of shootings in the past few weeks. Also the one for the Eurovision postcard from Montenegro.

Moj svijet


Montenegro debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the song Ajde, kroči performed by Stevan FaddyStevan failed to qualify to the grand final, ending in 22nd place in the semi-final. Montenegro have yet to qualify to the grand final with their best result being in 2009 where they ended in 11th place in their semi-final; one place away from qualifying to the grand final.

Last year, Who See and Nina Žižić were internally selected to represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö with the song Igranka. Montenegro failed to qualify to the grand final, ending in 12th place in their semi-final.

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