Romania: It's Todomondo to Helsinki!

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The winners of the Romanian final have had a change of name. The new name is Todomondo (todo=whole, mondo= world ), a name that reflects their wish to make their song known to the whole world.

"We discussed more variants of names, including some funny ones, suggested by the Eurovision fans from Finally, we reckoned we shouldn't go too far from the name we had used in the national selection. The combination Todomondo wasto everyone's likingand came off victorious at the "poll" "declared Mister M (Bogdan Taşcău). is extremely proud that one of our readers did indeed mention the name chosen by the band. member Urska *Cvet Z Juga from Slovenia firstsuggested Todomondo on February 16. Congratulations Urska!
"We thank everyone who came up with proposals. And that includes those who criticized us. We hope this new name will bring us at least the same good luck as Locomondo did", said Vlad Creţu. "Actually, Todomondo reflects our wish to make our song well-known in the whole world. It's a song that we hope everyone will sing in Helsinki and we want to convince people to vote for it", added Ciro de Luca.

Practically, each member of the group had something to say about the new name: Kamara's request was that the new name kept the word Mondo, Ciro wanted by all means a word in Italian, Andrei insisted to have a name close to the one that had brought them on the first position in the national selection, Vlad – to maintain a musical hue and Valer stated the idea of a combination between words from different languages.

During the whole process of the name change TVR has stood by the band offering their own suggestions as well. "It's important that they feel TVR supports them in everything they do, without enforcing them a certain point of view", declared Dan Manoliu, head of Romanian delegation.

Todomondo news-First stop Cyprus

The instrumental part of Liubi, liubi I love you will be undergoing changes with the assistance of Eduard Cârcotă (the composer of Mihai Trăistariu's Tornero). Responsible for the choreography that will be seen on the stage of the Hartwaal arena will be Doina Botiş, a popular Romanian show woman who has also worked with other Romanian bands and artists such as Akcent, Wassabi and Morandi. Todomondo will be kick off the promotion of their Eurovision Song Contest entry, Liubi liubi I love you, this weekend with a live concert on National Television in Cyprus. “It’s a promotion exchange” declared Vlad Cretu, member of the band, possibly meaning that Evridiki, the Cypriot representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will appear on Romanian television soon.“The invitation was made by the Cypriot broadcaster. We will participate in a very well known show in Cyprus where we’ll sing our song and afterwards there will be a press conference” said Vlad Cretu.

Todomondo will be competing directly in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 final due to Mihai Traistariu's 4th place in Athens.

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