Live: Iceland decides for Helsinki

by Marcus Klier 106 views

The Icelandic national final is live and underway. After two unlucky semi final attempts in 2005 and 2006, Iceland is trying to make it to the final again. Tonight, the nine music acts that have qualified during the three semi finals will compete to get the ticket to Helsinki.

You can follow the webcast hereand watch exclusive video material here.

Friðrik Ómar – Eldur

The first entry of the evening shows a typical Eurovision Song Contest song and performance with strong vocals. As a gimmick, tin drums are on stage to illustrate the entry.

Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir – Ég og heilinn minn

The performance has a bit imroved since the semi final. The song might have a slight advantage as one of the few more lively ones this evening. Nevertheless, one might not expect a high placing starting from number two…

Andri Bergmann- Bjarta brosið

The singer has decided for a very simple performance of his entry. Overall, it has to be said that it is in the same style as many entries in the semi finals where and therefore the song doesn't really stand out.

Eiríkur Hauksson- Ég les í lófa þínum

The song starts as a ballad and turns into a rock/ pop song. The singer is wearing a long black coat while the stage is truned into deep red. Very well received.

Bríet Sunna Valdemarsdóttir – Blómabörn

The singer has chosen a golden dress over the red one from the semi final. The vocal performance has improved a lot. The artistic dancers in the background still don't really fit with the song.

Þormar Ingimarsson – Húsin hafa augu

Pictures of various buildings try to create a 'big city' atmosphere. The lead singer and the two guitar players are sitting on bar stools again. It's one of the most complex songs this evening and was probably the most popular song from the first semi final.

Jónsi – Segðu mér

Completely new outfits: While the singer(s) in the semi final looked like taken from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jónsi and his fellow performers are now all (more casually) dressed in black. The song is a strong ballad, similar to Heaven.

Hafsteinn Þórólfsson – Þú tryllir mig

The show hasn't changed at all since the semis: the lead singer is again sitting in his white armchair (in rememberance of Paul Oscar's white couch?) while he presents his hip-hop inspired dance / pop song.

Sigurjón Brink – Áfram

The lead singer is playing the guitar, two further guitarists stand next to him. It's another pop/rock entry which oviously is the most popular genre in the Icelandic selection.

The lines are now open.

Video clips of former Icelandic representaives are now shown.

Mihai Traistariu, who finished 4th for Romania in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest perfroms his song now once again after a shirt interview with the host. A medley of new versions of former Eurovision Song Contest singers is now performed by another singer: Ruslana's Wild dances, Helena Paprizou'sMy number one, Gina G's Oah aah … just a little bit.

The lines are closed.

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