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RTS, the Serbian broadcaster, has released snippets of the 20 songs participating in this year's semi final on March 7. Ten of them will qualify to the final on the 8th, where the country's representative to the Eurovision Song Contest will be decided.

Click HERE to listen to the songs, courtesy of RTS.

The full list of semifinalists is as follows:

Maja Marković-Nije nam se dalo (We didn't make it)
Composer: Miša Mijatović Author: Dragan Brajović

Blizanci-Mambo Jambo Serbiano
Composer: Nenad Jovanović Author: Marina Tucaković

Ivana Jordan-Bomba (Bomb)
Composer- Author: Ivana Jordan

Igor Vukojević-Dobro te znam ( I know you well)
Composer: Srdjan Simić Kamba Author: Leontina Vukomanović

Maja Nikolić-Ja znam da ti me ne volis ( I know you don't love me)
Composer: Marko Djurašević Author: Rastko Savić

Negativ-Prava Stvar (The real thing)
Composer: Negativ i Milan Prokop Author: Ivana Peters

Marija Šerifović-Molitva (Prayer)
Composer: Vladimir Graić Author: S.M.Mare

Miki Perić-Jablan (Poplar)
Composer: Zoran Lesendrić Author: Ramirez

Aleksandra Perović-Noćas budi moj (Be mine tonight)
Composer- Author: Dragiša Baša

Blah Blah Band-Ruski Rulet (Russian rulette)
Composer: Bojan Vasić Author: Miloš Roganović

Amadeus Band-Zato što znam (Because I know)
Composer-Author: Aleksandar Simić

IQ-Ljubav za sve (Love for all)
Composer: Aleksandar Sedlar Bogoev Author: Nikola Demonja Jr.

Suzana Dinić-Nudim ti srce svoje (I offer you my heart)
Composer-Author: Jelena Trufunović

Slobodan Trkulja i Balkanopolis-Nebo (The sky)
Composer-Author: Slobodan Trkulja

Betty Boop-Sama (Alone)
Composer: Ognjen Cvekić Author: Staniša Banjanin

Mira Škorić-Voli je (Love her)
Composer: Aleksandar Futa Radulović Author: Marina Tucaković

Aleksa Jelić-Beli grad (White city)
Composer: Dragi Jelić Author: Valentina Velkov

Tanja i Bane-Čivava (Chihuaua)
Composer: Bojan Vasić Author: Marina Tucaković

Nenad Jelić-Kao da je bilo juče (As if it were yesterday)
Composer: Saša Dragić Author: �ana

Jelena Kovačević-Senjorita (Seniorita)
Composer: Vladimir Graić Author: Jelena Kovačević

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