The Netherlands: Anouk releases new single in collaboration with Afrojack

by Michiel Vos 352 views

After her participation in Eurovision last year, Anouk did not decide to slow things down a bit in her career. In the week of the Eurovision Song Contest she launched an album called Sad Singalong Songs and later she released the brand new single Wigger. Today, the singer surprisingly released another new track called You & I, a collaboration with famous Dutch DJ Afrojack.

On her Facebook and Twitter page, Anouk announced she was about to release a new track to iTunes and Spotify. The song is quite a step away from the musical styles she tried before, as it is more electronic and based on beats, which has everything to do with Afrojack‘s influence on it. Anouk already released a music video for the track, in which she does not appear herself. The star of the video is Dwight Cheuk A Lam, a dancer and choreographer. “I had seen a video of him on YouTube that I really liked and therefore asked him to create a choreography on You & I. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do”,  as Anouk explained on Facebook.

It seems the buying public in the Netherlands did enjoy Anouk’s new song as it already climbed to the second spot in the Dutch iTunes charts, only a few hours after the track was released. Anouk was the first Dutch artist in nine years to make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer managed to finish in 9th position with her ballad Birds. Her popularity in the Neterlands was on a high during the contest, as the broadcasting of the final of the contest broke some records when it comes to viewers ratings. This year, the Netherlands will be represented by the Common Linnets, a band consisting of Waylon and Ilse DeLange, one of the most famous Dutch singers at the moment.