Israel: Mei Finegold’s preselection videoclips are underway

by Gil Laufer 149 views

During the last week, Mei Finegold has shot three videoclips for the songs that will be competing for the honor of representing Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

The videoclips will be published on February 27th, and will be revealed during a special broadcast on IBA. On March 5th, one of the three songs will be chosen and announced as the Israeli entry for Copenhagen.

Every clip was shot in a different location:

  • Nish’eret iti – in the Israel Railways museum in Haifa, inside a train from the 20th century
  • Same heart – in Hamaginim forest near Jerusalem and in an abandoned industrial area
  • Be proud – in the gallery of the Reading Power Station in Tel Aviv

Mei Finegold herself has commentated and said:

“I don’t realise the fact that we shot three videoclips in one week. It was very challenging and interesting. Facing a project like this is very different than everything I knew, as decisions must be made right away and without a plan B, but this was very magical as well. The whole team gave its heart and soul for this project and the work was very professional and fun. Every location turned right away to a place of joy and laughter. The final results are being prepared right now in the editing rooms and I can’t wait to let the public hear the songs and watch the videoclips. I hope that everyone would be pleased, just like me.”

Check out our exclusive gallery with more pictures from the video shootings below. (Photos by Lior Nordman, Tal Azulay & David Sweeney)

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