Tonight: Danish final

by Charlotte Jensen 58 views

After two qualification heats and a wildcard selection, Denmark is now ready for its final, a final which among Danes is considered to be the strongest final in many years � if not the strongest ever.

The 10 songs now ready for the final are all in with a chance to win the ticket to Helsinki and it is guessed that it will be a very close race in Denmark tonight. Jørgen Olsen and DQ who qualified for the final via a so-called wildcard are not without a chance despite the fact that they have already lost to four of the other songs.

The viewing figures for the final will be a lot higher, more people will vote and it has been mentioned that Jørgen will change his song a little bit. DQ has announced that he will give the same performance as in the qualification heat, but without the mistakes he made at that time. If things work out for those two they may very well still have a chance.

The 10 songs in the Danish final tonight are:

Song nr. 1: Annette HeickCopenhagen Airport
To vote call 70 19 29 01 or sms “sang 01” to 1212

Song nr. 2: Me & MyTwo are stronger than one
To vote call 70 19 29 02 or sms “sang 02” to 1212

Song nr. 3: Annika AskmanFly
To vote call 70 19 29 03 or sms “sang 03” to 1212

Song nr 4: Katrine FalkenbergIt’s a beautiful day
To vote call 70 19 29 04 or sms “sang 04” to 1212

Song nr. 5: Jacob AndersenListen to love
To vote call 70 19 29 05 or sms “sang 05” to 1212

Song nr. 6: Jørgen OlsenVi elsker bare danske piger
To vote call 70 19 29 06 or sms “sang 06” to 1212

Song nr. 7: Danni ElmoMeaning of life
To vote call 70 19 29 07 or sms “sang 07” to 1212

Song nr. 8: Stig RossenSå nær som nu
To vote call 70 19 29 08 or sms “sang 08” to 1212

Song nr. 9: James SampsonSay you love me
To vote call 70 19 29 09 or sms “sang 09” to 1212

Song nr. 10: DQ Drama Queen
To vote call 70 19 29 10 or sms “sang 10” to 1212

The voting will start when the hosts announces it in the show and different to the usual Danish finals there wont be a super final with 5 of the songs. Each song will only be performed once except for the winning song of course. It cost 1dkr + regular costs to vote via sms while it is only regular costs if you vote via telephone. Everyone can vote via sms, but as usual only people with a number ending with one of the numbers mentioned in the program can call.

You can listen to the 10 songs on DR’s site by clicking here.

The interval act is going to be Gordon Kennedy and Take That.

Whoever wins the Danish final will have to start in the semi-final in Helsinki, but hopefully the time spent in jail at the official opening party will have made them tough enough to handle this challenge as well.

DR will put up web cast on their website. There is no information about it yet, but it will be found here – but we might as well warn our readers that the two Danish qualifications heats have been so popular that the web cast simply became over loaded. It is therefore expected that the same thing will happen for the final tonight.

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