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Representing Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest would mean a dream come true for Nazaret. This young singer, who comes from the Spanish northern African town of Ceuta, has kindly accepted our request to grant us this interview just a few hours before her performance at the Misión Eurovisión semi final tomorrow.

Representing Spain is my dream

Congratulations for your qualification, Nazaret! Did you believe in you would go throught to the next round?

First of all, thank you. You never know if the public will support you and vote for you �especially when you are not well-known. It was very surprising to me and I was astonished! You always have to be optimistic and believe that you have possibilities.

Your birthplace, Ceuta, had a great part of that �blame�, rewarding your performance with 12 points. What is the feeling in Ceuta towards you?

Everybody is very happy with this step I have taken. People are giving me their support and I will always be grateful for that, not only to Ceuta, but also to all the Spanish Autonomous Communities. I received votes from all of them.

You have received an education based on flamenco music. Do you feel comfortable developing other styles?

Well, since i was very young, i have been training in several musical styles. That is why I can move to other styles easily.

When did you first feel the wish to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest?

It is a dream that both me and my family have had for years. My father and I have been submitting lots of songs to make our dream come true and now, with Misión Eurovisión, this possibility is real, but difficult to get as well.

Do you already know what song you are going to sing this Saturday night?

I am going to perform the Spanish version of Gloria Gaynor�s I will survive: Yo viviré.

Can you imagine yourself representing Spain in Helsinki next May?

Yes, of course. When I think about that possibility, my hair stands on edge! That would be something really important in my life and i would love to live that experience.

What would you say are your three strong points that will help you win?.

Voice, good appearance and self confidence on stage.

How is the feeling amongst you the semifinalists?

The feeling is really good amongst us! We are having a great time. We are very close with Yanira Figueroa, Nash, Miguel Cañadas, Santa Fé, Nessa, Gerard, Mirela, Diego and Baltanás.

You were the absolute winner at the 2nd Gala. What did you feel at that moment?

I was feeling as in a cloud, I didn�t know what was happening exactly. My face and my body were communicating my absolute happiness. I will remember it as one of the best moments in my life.

With which of the five finalist songs would you feel more confident?

I guess that all of them could be suitable for my style. I like them all.

What are your most immediate artistic projects?

Before Misión Eurovisión began, we were preparing some new covers for a second album. I am also training at dancing, singing and interpretation.

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Thank you very much for your support. I send you my greetings and a big hug to all of you and I want you to know that you have a friend in Ceuta. Lots of kisses. wants to warmly thank Nazaret for her courtesy and wish her the best luck in this new challenge.

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