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Christine Gulbrandsen, who represented Norway in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished 14th in the final with Alvedansen, will apear as a special guest in the Norwegian national final on Saturday. She spoke to managing director Barry Viniker about her participation last year, what followed and her plans for the future.

What's happened in the last year?

“Well, alot has happened actually. When I came back from Athens, I was pretty tired and I didn't manage to write any music right away. We took a little bit of a vacation and then started working in the studio on a new record. We did a lot of gigs and concerts. It's been a very hectic year, but a fantastic year. Being a part of the Eurovision Song Contest has been an amazing experience for me.”

The result in Athens, some would say it was disappointing, many people thought you would be much closer to the top five. How did you feel on the night?

“The resut didn't really mean alot to me because the important thing for me and the other girls on stage and for NRK was that we did what we could. We were satisfied with our performance and we couldn't have performed any better in our opinion so that was not a big deal for me, I really had a great time.”

Would you consider doing the Eurovision Song Contest again at some point in the future?

“I don't think so, but never say never. I feel that it is a one-time experience in my case, so I don't think so”.

Let's talk a bit about MPG 2007. Have you heard all the songs?

“Yes I have, but just one time”.

Well, that will be the same as many people voting on Saturday, so… any favourites?

“I don't know if I can say yet. We don't know which two songs will go to the final from the show tomorrow. I don't think I should really say yet laughs “.

What does it take to win the national final in Norway?

“Good question! I was just being myself last year and doing my thing. It's something I would have done with or without Melodi Grand Prix. I guess it's important just to be yourself”.

Last year, you had another advantage because your song was the only song in the Norwegian competition to be sung in Norwegian. Do you think that songs in the native language have an advantage in Norway?

“It's difficult to say butI think people thought that it was something new. It was a long time since somebody had done something in Norwegian. I think the most important thing was that they liked the whole show, the melody and of course the language. I certainly don't think people think 'Oh, that's English, no'. You either like it or not”.

OK, let's talk about your performance on Saturday night, I want to ask you about the dress and about the performance, but we don't want to give away your surprise because you're making quite an unusual entrance in the final.

” laughs yeah!”

You've had one or two, erm… feeling shall we say, to overcome about the entrance. How are you feeling now? Are you confident that everything will be OK and are you confident doing it?

” Laughs again I hope everything's going to be OK, but it's scary, I'll admit that. I'm looking forward to it now though also. I think it's gonna be fun”.

And the dress? Is it going to be white again?

“Erm, yes, I believe so. I actually haven't seen it, but I've been told. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, there's going to be lots of lights in it and stuff”.

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