Azerbaijan: Böyük Səhnə Show #2 results

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 241 views

Erkin Osmanli won the Böyük Səhnə’s second show today with 49  points. A total of 10 candidates showcased their talent and vocal skill during the show singing cover versions of international hits.

Böyük Səhnə is the mechanism Azerbaijan will use to select its 2014 Eurovision representative for Copenhangen. Erkin Osmanli was declared the winner of the first show with 49 points. He tied with Azad Shabanov who was also awarded 49 points by the special jury.

The 2012 Azerbaijani representative Sabina Babayeva was one of the jury members along with Ell (Azerbaijani 2011 Eurovision winner) and 3 more jury members. Sabina graced the stage and treated the audience with a performance.

A special jury evaluated each artist’s performance during the show and awarded points to each of the 10 competing acts.  The top 6 acts will now proceed to Böyük Səhnə’s show #3  scheduled to be aired on Ictmai on Sunday 23 February.

Show # 2 Results

1. Erkin Osmanli  49 points
2. Azad Shabanov 49 points
3. Samira  Əfəndiyeva 48 points
4. Dilyara Kazimova 48 points
5.  Hana Hasonova 46 points
6. Elton Ibrahimov 45 points
7. Hulya Ibadova 43 points
8. Valeriya Hüseynzadə   42 points
9. Aydin  Eyvazzadə 39 points
10. Fuad Asadov 39 points

The winner of Böyük Səhnə 2014 will represent Azerbaijan at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen next May. The show is aired on national Azerbaijani broadcaster Ictimai.  A total of 4 shows will be aired: Show # 1 February 9, Show #2 February 16, Show #3 February 23 and the Show #4 -Grand Final on March 2.

Ms. Husniye Maharramova, the multi talented Azerbaijani tv host and Head of Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest hosted the show along with Tural Asadov.

The famous talent show Böyük Sehne was aired on ATV during the last season, and now will be aired on Ictimai. Auditions have been held in 8 cities throughout Azerbaijan, including the final casting phase which was held in Baku.

Böyük Sehne will run for a total of 6 weeks having kicked off with the auditions phase last month and will conclude on 2 March. A total of 14  candidates will compete in the show and battle for the golden ticket to Copenhangen. The winner of the show will represent Azerbaijan at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The grand final of Böyük Sehne is scheduled to be held in Baku on 2 March.

Farid Mammadov, the 2013 Eurovision representative shot to fame thanks to his participation in this show earlier this year. He then went on to compete in the 2013 Azerbaijani national final, where he won the golden ticket to Malmö. Farid and 2 more participants from Böyük Səhnə competed in the Azerbaijani Eurovision final.

Azerbaijan has enjoyed massive success in the contest since their debut in 2008, achieving a total of 5 Top5 placings out of their 6 participations, including a victory in 2011 (3rd in 2009, 5th in 2010, 1st in 2011, 4th in 2012,  2nd in 2013).

Azerbaijan debuted at the Eurovision Song Contestin 2008 and won the event on its 4th attempt in 2011 with Ell and Nikki’s Running Scared, thus bringing the contest to Baku in 2012.

Farid Mammadov represented Azerbaijan at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö achieving an honorable 2nd placing with his entry Hold me.

Stay tuned to more information and news on Azerbaijan and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.