Sweden: Alice Babs passes away

by Jessica Weaver 699 views

Alice Babs, who represented Sweden at the 1958 Eurovision Song Contest, has sadly passed away at the age of 90.

Born in Kalmar, Alice Babs made her breakthrough in the Swedish film Swing it, magistern! where she was cast for the role as both Inga Danell and Linda Loy. She then went on to have a successful career within both the film and music industry, appearing in over a dozen films as well as releasing a number of recordings.

Alice Babs in Swing it, magistern!

In 1958, Alice Babs was internally selected by Sveriges Radio and became Sweden’s first ever representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her entry, Lilla stjärna (Little star), received a total of 10 points in the host city of Hilversum and ended in a respectable 4th place.

Lilla stjärna (Eurovision 1958)

During the latter part of her career, Alice was awarded the honorary title of Court Singer by the late Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden.

Over the last few years of her life, Alice suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and after a long battle, she succumbed to the illness and sadly passed away on Tuesday 11 February at the age of 90. Alice’s daughter Titti told the Expressen newspaper; We are truly glad for these past few months that we shared with our dear mother. She was comfortable and in peace where she was living.

The esctoday.com team offers their deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Alice Babs.