EuroBlog Round-up Super Edition (5th February)

by Steve Holyer 65 views

In this week's Super Weekend edition of the EuroBlog Round-up take a look at some of the weekend happenings through the obviously unjaded eyes of the Eurovision blogging community.

There are tons and tons of blogs out there with comments about the Super Sunday contest. Finally, the geeky, Bronx, New York based girl blogger Goggle at The Goggles Do Nothing explained it to me. The Super Bowl which is the world's biggest American-centric special sporting event was held last Sunday, while Super Saturday is part of the lead up to the world's biggest special music event.

And it was a super week. As the Londonist joint blog (which doesn't usually cover the Eurovision Song Contest) wrote, “We couldn't escape if we wanted to.” (And really who wanted to?) Last weekend there was Eurovision “action” in “(deep breath) Malta, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Malta sic , Poland, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Romania and Spain.” “Goodness.

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