Serbia: Meet the participants – Part 1

by Zlatko Iker 81 views

The winner of Serbian festival Beovizija will represent the country at this year Eurovision Song Contest. In order to introduce you the candidates, bring you some biography details regarding all the participants. In this text you will have the opportunity to learn something about first ten contenders. The other group will be presented to you on Friday.

Ivana and Negativ – Ivana, one of the most acclaimed Serbian female vocalists, started her career as a member of a dance/rap band TAP 011. Although the band enjoyed great success and had series of club hits during the 90’s, they split up in 1999. Ivana, then, joins the rock band Negativ as a lead vocalist and lyrics writer. The critics compared their early work to Skunk Anansie and their latest to No Doubt. Being the winners of Beovizija 2004 with a song Zbunjena (Confused), the band has already been described as one of the strongest contenders at this year’s Serbian national final. You can watch the video for one of their biggest hits Tango by clicking 'play' below.

Marija Serifovic – This girl has already won in most music festivals in both Serbia and Montenegro, including Serbian “Radijski Festival” and Montenegrin Budvanski Festival. Her live performances are vocally very powerful, and her ‘girl-next-door’ style seems to be well appreciated among the local public. You can watch her live performance at Evropesma/Europjesma 2005 by clicking 'play' below.

Mira Skoric – Mira Skoric is one of the most popular folk singers in Serbia. Her career started in the late 80’s and has continued ever since. Apart from being an experienced singer, she is also well know for her cabaret and impression skills. Although it is not certain how the jury will react on a folk singer performing in such festival, there is no doubt that Mira’s fans will show their support through the televote. By clicking here you can see Mira in a duet with Bosnian rock veteran Zeljko Bebek, the title of the song is Dve Oluje (Two storms).

Blizanci – (The Twins) Another participants that could be, like Mira Skoric, described as a part of the Serbian folk scene. They became popular a few years ago and had several hits like Laki and Okicena. At last year’s Beovizija they ended on 12th place with a song Jednom Pokidano

Emina Jahovic – This beautiful singer from Serbia is mostly known for her great looks (most magazine editors compare her to Penelope Cruz), ex boyfriends (including Turkish pop star Mustafa Sandal) and her brother (professional basketball player and a member of Turkish representation Mirsad Turkcan (ex Jahovic)). Nevertheless, Emina enjoyed great success last year when her song Dal’ ona zna topped various charts in Serbia and Montenegro (watch video here). She has also participated in several music festivals, including Bosnian Eurovision preselection in 2002 with the song U, la-la and Montenegrin music festival Suncane skale where she won 3rd place with the song Uzalud se budim.

Maja Nikolic – Another experienced singer, Maja Nikolic has won at dozens of music festivals in Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus and Russia. At last year’s Beovizija she ended at 9th place with a song Kad ti treba (watch the performance here). Although her popularity now days is not as it was during the 90’s, Maja is capable of giving a powerful vocal performance and with the right song, she could be considered as one of the favorites at this year’s Beovizija.

Aleksandra Perovic – Aleksandra started her career by taking Ana Stanic’s place in a dance duo “Moby Dick”. Although fairly successful, the duo decided to split and since then, Aleksandra has performed at many music festivals. Still, her biggest hit, since she sings solo, is Opijum a dance-track from a couple of years ago.

Aleksa Jelic – A new face at this year’s Beovizija. Aleksa will certainly give his best to introduce himself to Serbian public. You can find out more about this singer on his official web site by clicking here.

Bla Bla Bend – This is the second time Bla Bla Bend will try to win the ticket to Eurovision Song Contest through Beovizija. Last year this band, with two female front singers, ended at 7th place with a happy and upbeat song (ironically?) titled Maler (Bad luck)

Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis – The lovers of Balkan ethno sounds will be thrilled with the participation of Slobodan Trkulja and his Serbian-Dutch band Balkanopolis at this year Beovizija. This 29 year old Serbian musician and singer is a proud owner of many prizes from various latin – jazz, jazz and ethno music festivals in Serbia, Sweden and The Netherlands. He studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory, he plays many instruments including the ancient frula (shepherd’s flute) and gajde (bagpipes) and his music is usually described as contemporary and artistically intelligent synthesis between traditional Serbian music and modern jazz and fusion. You can listen to some of his recordings and live performances on his web site here.

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