Malta: Day 2 of MESC rehearsals

by Luke Borg 219 views

With the semi final only 2 days away, rehearsals for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 continued today with the artists performing on stage for the second time.

One could notice improvements from yesterday’s initial rehearsals, as the camera work is being polished and artists are getting more comfortable on the stage. Rehearsals today took roughly 20 minutes each and afterwards, every singer had a 10 minute preview to choose his/her part to be featured in the recap.

After all 20 competing artists rehearsed, some of the guests performed their act for the first time on stage. Day 2 ended with the hosts practicing their presentations.

Tomorrow, we will bring you the first batch of interviews with the artists as well as photos from the first dress rehearsal.

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take place on 7 and 8 February with the semi final on Friday and the Final on Saturday both being broadcasted live on TVM at 20:45 CET.

Stay tuned to for more news and updates from Malta and the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

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