Tzvika Pick has re-invented himself

by Itamar Barak 248 views

Tzvika Pick, composer of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner “Diva”, and of the recent Israeli entry “Light a Candle”, has seen sad days in his career. But these days are over as he has risen again to become a national star.

After winning the 1998 Eurovision song contest as a composer and participating in the recent contest with “Light a candle”, Polish born musician Tzvika Pick is having the most appreciated time of his career in Israel. Since the victory in '98 he has become some sort of a national icon. His musical repertoire goes way back from the 70's and his songs are have now gained cult and national culture status. After the 2002 contest in Tallinn, and despite the 12th position, he keeps on marching and now into national theatre.

A musical called “Merry-Lou” has just started showing in the national theatre “Ha'Bima” in Tel Aviv. The whole theme is based upon the songs written by Pick through out the years and that have become foundations of Israeli culture. Among the songs in the play are “Merry-Lou” itself, “Love at the end of summer” which were both originally sung by him, and “Gabriel”, originally sung by the late Ofra Haza, and the '98 ESC winner “Diva” by Dana International. “Light a candle” is not included.

The head manager of the theatre declares the musical as the biggest hit “Ha'Bima” has had for years. The musical is playing infront of full houses. Already 150 shows were pre-sold.

The producers of the play are now searching for substitues for the stars of the show, in fear that they will not be able to perform so intensively. Before the play went on stage, a lot of criticism was pointed against the musical, being played in the national theatre. But now the head manager of the theatre is more than pleased that the massive hit has proven the critics wrong.

Tzvika Pick (born as Henryk Pick in Wroclaw, Poland) has tried reaching the Eurovision song contest by himself a few times over the years, the recent one was in 1993. The highest position he gained was in 1979 when he competed in the Kdam-Eurovision contest and reached 2nd place, losing to “Halleluja”.
He now also plays the role of himself at the popular soap opera “City Tower”.

Here is Pick's official web-site: You can hear him sing “Diva” at the introduction.

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