The Results: Latvian finalists selected

by Aija Medinika 98 views

Tonight in the second semi-final, Latvia selected 5 more songs to proceed to the final of Eirodziesma 2007.

The second semi-final followed the patternofthe the first qualifier round. 10 songs competed for 5 available places in Eirodziesma 2007final. During the live broadcast the videos of the 10 entries were shown.

The televoters's favourites:

Questa (9909 votes)
My wow to youKlaidonis and Linita (7004 votes)
You are losing meKesija (5620 votes)

The jury, consisting of producer and singer Mirdza Zivere, fashion designer Elita Patmalniece, LTV1 director Baiba Smite, music journalist Uldis Rudaks, musician Juris Kulakovs, musician Karlis Auzans and producer Marcis Gulbis, chose their own favourites.

The jury's choice:

Gonki Intars Busulis
The legends of rock'n'rollJonny Salamander and Meldra

Now the Top 10 to compete for the ticket to Helsinikiare known. Together with the five songs from the first semi – final the complete list now looks like that:

My wow to youKlaidonis and Linita
You are losing meKesija
Gonki Intars Busulis
The legends of rock'n'rollJonny Salamander and Meldra
Take off your maskLenii
What a love can do to meGunars Kalnins and Jolanda Suvorova
Can't buy good lovin'Red Bee
Dundari dandariIgeta

The final of Eirodziesma is becoming international. If the songs entering the final from the first qualifier round are all written by Latvian authors, then the songs advancing to the final from the second heat present the prevailing Swedish creativity.
Questa Notte is penned by a Swede, Kjell Jensting. Klaidonis' song is a cooperation of a Latvian musician Maris Sloka who has written the music, and American Earl J Dawson who wrote the lyrics.A professional from Sweden, Marcos Ubeda, is the author of You are losing me. One of the jury's favourites, The legends of rock'n'roll is by Robert Wells (Sweden), but the only song that could be considered as pure Latvian, Gonki, is performed in Russian.

The Latvian entry for the qualifier round of Eurovision Song Contest 2007 will be selectedon February 24.

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