Irma & Uno: Being a joker is no advantage

by Peter Hellström 45 views

The first jokers in Melodifestivalen this year is Uno Svenningsson and Irma Schultz Keller. They have both been in the music industry for many years, but this is their first participating in the contest. had a chance to speak with them before the semifinal in Jönköping.

You are known to perform music that is not directly connected with Melodifestivalen. Why did you decide to compete in the contest?

It is important for us to keep our integrity. We would never do this if we didn�t believe in the song and the concept. Melodifestivalen used to be equal to traditional schlager music, but not anymore. The contest presents a wide spectrum of different kind of music nowadays and it felt good for us to enter as jokers.

What does it mean for you to be �jokers�?

It meant that we were able to enter with the song we wanted specifically for the contest and also that it was chosen because we are who we are. Now, being here in Jönköping, the advantage is gone. We are now just one out of eight competing songs and we are competing under the same conditions as everybody else.

How do you feel about competing in music?

Performing together feels great and we feel that it is important to be able to perform the song the way we want. We want to be proud of our performance the day after� and for many years ahead. Once you are standing there on stage everybody wants to win no matter how humble you are.

Do you feel nervous on Saturday?

We can promise you that we won�t faint while we�re on stage. It�s not possible to be a part of this as a competition. We want to feel �wow� when leaving the stage!

How have you prepared for the contest?

We haven�t had the time, really. We are performing in the first semifinal and we entered the contest quite late as jokers.

How do you feel about all the media attention around the contest?

It is a circus! It�s a little bit strange, but at the same time we realise that the attention surrounding the contest is necessary. Maybe it will become a habit to have all this attention. What if we wake up one morning and miss not having journalists asking us have we feel and what we plan to do.

You start as number eight as the last entry. Do you like that!

Well, number eight is my (Irma) lucky number, so that feels great!

Do you get to hear often that you are a couple?

Yes, it happens. We are both happily married � but not with each other!

Good luck!


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