Exclusive: Koldun to sing in Spanish tonight

by Benny Royston 63 views

esctoday.com has received the first official confirmation that the battle of Belarus has been concluded peacefully, and Dimitry (Dima) Koldun will participate at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. The song will remain Work your magic and there will be no change of lyrics. He will perform as scheduled tonight at the 4th gala of Mision Eurovision in Spain with a special surprise for the spanish audience. esctoday.com can also exclusively reveal that Dima translated part of the song and will perform a dual language version in English and Spanish.

The Battle of Belarus began after Dima Koldun won the Belarusian national final. His management company, NMC, had been against his participation believing that he was not experienced enough to handle such a competition but agreed to let him sing Philip Kirkirov's entry, Work your magic.

Koldun then won the national final but NMC then decided to block his participation and threatened legal action if he insisted on representing Belarus. Whilst the official explanation is now that there was a simple misunderstanding, it has already been reported that there was a financial problem and it is believed that Belarusian broadcaster BTRC have had to make an additional payment to NMC in order to have their objections removed.

It was reported elsewhere that the problem of his participation could be overcome by changing the lyrics to the song, however the lyrics will not change. The song will remain the same as the one performed in the Belarusian final, although minor rearrangements are still possible before the March 12th deadline set by the EBU for submitting the final version of the song. The initial objection was of course based on Dima's experience, which would not be affected in any way by the lyrics to the song.

Tonight, Dima will perform on schedule in the Spanish Mision Eurovision fourth gala, and will be performing part of the song in Spanish. He has spent the day touring the sites of Madrid with a camera crew from BTRC and they have been filming for footage of some upcoming shows to be broadcast closer to the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

As a result of Polina Smolova's 22nd place finish in Athens, Dima Koldun will perform in the Eurovision Song Contest semi final in Helsinki on 10th May.

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