Malta: The finalist's post-show comments

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Immediately after the names of the six participants to qualify for the Maltese final on Super Saturday, was live in the Green Room for the post-show winners' press conference. spoke to all finalists, and their comments can be seen below. The have been arranged in the order of the Malta Song for Europe Festival final tomorrow night. The voting information for readers in Malta are also included.

Keith Borg:
"I'm very excited to be in the final. Belive me, my heart was going boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom. I sung the first song here at teh festival and I'm back first again in the final. I think it was a good performance tonight and i was happy. The song important to me, last year I had a similar style of song, another ballad, but I've gone further this year and I'm really happy".

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Klinnsman Coleiro
"It feels great, so great to be in the final, it feels like winning right now. We're really really happy. When our names were called, it was like an explosion, it means so much. Being one of the youngest performers can be either a disadvantage or an advantage but I don't believe in them. Sometimes it can help but it's all about the song. It feel great to be compared to McFly and Busted because in my opinion they are very good bands and I do follow them. I think this style can get Malta back into the Eurovision final".

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"I'm so happy, it's really cool. There are a lot of good songs there and to be in the final is really good for us. The song is strong and I'm glad to be in the final on Saturday".

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Olivia Lewis
"It feels very good, it's a sigh of relief because getting through a semi final is very tough. I have a very good feeling and I believe inthe song and I have a very good team behind me this year, perhaps the best of all the last years. Everybody is happy and everybody has really got into it so I think with support from so many great people, it can help me take that extra step. The song is great. The author Gerard James Borg started with the title, they built the song and when it was nearly ready, I came in and I liked it and I recorded the song."

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"It feels great, I was aiming to get to the final, but before the names are called, you cannot know. When I heard the name of the song, I was ecstatic.We prepared a long time with the vocals and I really appreciate that people recognised it and voted. I'm going to do my best on Saturday now and we can hope. Soul is my style, I cannot deviate from that, I'm there with my package and with my backing vocalists who are all great singers who have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest before and I hope everyone likes it, the song is there and whatever comes now comes".

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"It feels great to be in the final. It was really nervous being here and being the last song called, but we're there now and it's great. We believe a lot in our song and we think we have as good a chance as anyone now we're in the final. We'll give 100% on Saturday and we just hope that people like it. There is a lot of pressure on the winners this year to get Malta back to the final, but if we win and go to Eurovision, we think that we will do well because we believe in our song. The style is unique and it's a very good song, a bit ethnic and a bit operatic but it's our style. I don't think Eurovision has any certain style now. You saw Lordi win last year so why not something a bit operatic?"

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