Eurovision 2014: Green room will be in the Arena

by Robin Scott 990 views

There has been a change of plan for the location of the performers’ Green Room in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The famous Green Room has been situated in many places. For example in 2003 the Artists sat behind the stage and were revealed to the audience. In more recent years they have also been there but in Baku, in 2012 they sat at the back of the arena, open for all to see throughout the show.

It has been decided that the Green Room will return to the arena in 2014. This time it will be situated right in the middle of the audience surrounded by the enthusiastic fans on all sides.

Jan Lagermand Lundme, the Head of Show for DR, says that the plan is to enhance the competition.

Our audience, our viewers and our artists will enjoy the experience of being close to everything, and as we want the Green Room to play a central role in the shows, it is as such natural to move it closer to the actual show and into the hall.

I Hope it will help to create an absolutely fantastic atmosphere in the arena, and that atmosphere will of course be radiated out through television sets all over Europe, so the viewers will also be able to feel the excitement and party from the hall.

This idea is not unique in Danish Television as it has been used several times in their national final DMGP.

We have a tradition of placing the Green Room centrally at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and it provides a brilliant atmosphere. It gives everything that little bit extra, both for the artists and viewers. You never forget what it’s all about: the world’s biggest music competition.

The ticket sales started before this decision was made and so some people will find that they receive a replacement for the seats or standing areas that they were allocated during the first sale last November. DR has made assurances that the category and price of these new tickets will be no different and that it will all happen automatically.

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