France: Twin Twin accused of plagiarism

by Stephane London 3,433 views

Last Sunday, France 3, The French National Broadcaster, revealed the 3 songs competing for the golden ticket to Copenhagen.  One particular act has made the headlines for plagiarism.

Indeed, people have accused the band Twin Twin, competing with their song Moustache, to have copied Belgian superstar Stromae and the lead single of his second album, Papaoutai, released last August. Others have also mentioned a strong similarity with Beyoncé‘s Run The world. Virgin Radio aired a Mash-Up of the 2 songs and also a hit song from the 90’s sang by a child, Jordy, aged 4 at the time to back up the accusation.

Twin Twin decided to intervene on They declared  “We have our own style, a mix of electro, hip-hop, rock songs. The resemblance with Stromae’s song is apparently because of the intro [of the song] but be aware that the song was written a year before the release of his album! Therefore, there is no debate. This intro has a common pattern for an electro song. We are rather flattered to be compared to Stromae because he is a great artist but the word “plagiarism” is not right! “. They finished their statement by urging people to vote for them.

A similar story made the headlines last year with German hopeful Cascada and her entry Glorious accused of copying Loreen‘s Euphoria.

Listen to Virgin Radio mash-up here.

And discover both entire songs

Twin TwinMoustache


Stromae shot to fame in 2010 with his hit single Alors on danse which charted in several European countries. His second album, released last August, was the biggest selling album of 2013 and of the 21st century in France.

The band is competing against boy band  Destan and their song Sans toi and vocalist Joanna Lagrave with Ma Liberté. France 3 will reveal the winner on 2 March.

Twin Twin will be in concert on Friday 7 February in Montreuil, near Paris. Tickets are already on sale and cost 12€.

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