Live: 2nd Danish heat

by Charlotte Jensen 66 views

The second Danish qualification heat is live and underway; and based on the names, it's the strongest of the two Danish heats featuring many of the favourites. You can expect a detailed review and the results later tonight.

This second Danish semi final will open with a big bang in the form of DQ aka Peter Andersen singing Drama Queen. It is a drag show; but despite the fact that this is a first for a Danish selection, he has quickly positioned himself up to be counted among the favourites.

The list of favourites for tonight however is quite long, and it can be hard to pick the four songs that will qualify directly for the final on 10th of February. It is expected that Aud Wilken who represented Denmark in 1995 with Fra Mols til Skagen will make it, Jørgen Olsen who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with Fly one the wings of love should be able to make it too and so should the internationally famous Me & My. But in a time where the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the national finals are expanding musically it should be possible for the famous musical star Stig Rossen, singing what he himself calls a “power ballad a la Johnny Logan”, to make the final cut. And, what about Julie Lund saying "Hi" in Arabic? Katrine Falkenberg and James Sampson are also not without chances either. The fans can definitely expect a very strong qualification heat tonight.

From the first qualification heat we have 3 more or less rock songs and one disco Schlager number directly qualified. Time will tell what the second heat has for us. Originally, DR wasn’t planning a webcast for foreign Internet IP addresses, but on the morning for the first qualification heat they decided to go ahead with one anyway although this broke down very early in the process most likely due to overload.

Currently it is not known if DR will give it another go for tonight’s heat, but we recommend checking with DR’s Melodi Grand Prix site which you can find here.

Click here to read more about the participants.

Voting information for Danish readers:

As usual people can vote both by telephone and SMS. Only people with a number ending with 1, 5, 7 or 9 can make a phone call while everyone can vote by SMS. The SMS will cost 1dkr + regular SMS charges.

Song nr. 1: DQDrama queen
Telephone: call 70192901
SMS: “sang 01”

Song nr. 2: Aud WilkenHusker du
Telephone: call 70192902
SMS: “sang 02”

Song nr. 3: Jørgen OlsenVi elsker bare danske piger
Telephone: call 70192903
SMS: “sang 03”

Song nr. 4: Julie LundMerhaba
Telephone: call 70192904
SMS: “sang 04”

Song nr. 5: Stig RossenSå nær som nu
Telephone: call 70192905
SMS: “sang 05”

Song nr. 6: Katrine FalkenbergIt’s a beautiful day
Telephone: call 70192906
SMS: “sang 06”

Song nr. 7: James SampsonSay you love me
Telephone: call 70192907
SMS: “sang 07”

Song nr. 8: Me & My –Two are stronger than one
Telephone: call 70192908
SMS: “sang 08”

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