Live: first Slovene semi final

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The first Slovene semi final is live and underway. 12 songs are competing and the top seven will move forward to the final which will be held this Saturday. The show has started at 19:55 CET.

You can follow the webcast here.

Seven songs will be selected from tonight’s show, and seven from tomorrow’s. All but one of the songs have been selected by an internal jury, whilst Eva Černe gets a wildcard as the winner of Bitka Talentov, the same as Omar Naber did in EMA 2005 – which he later ended up winning.

Televoting will be used: People will be able to vote via phone, mobile phone and SMS. In the final round, two entries will qualify for a 'super' final round in which the winner will be decided. If anything should go wrong with the televoting, a backup jury will decide the winner.


After a James Bond dance act, Anzej Dezan appeared an stage, singing his 2006 winning song Mr. Nobody (Plan B).

Panda Nemirna leta

A pop song, performed in Slovenian. The stage performance and the overall impression are quite simple and the reaction by the audience is not too enthusiastic.


The style of the song is similar to the previous one but a bit more in a rock style. The vocal performance is average, the lead singer seems to have some problems with her microphone.

Eva & Crnobelo Ljubim se

The first typical ethinc ballad of the evening. The singer is wearing a silk dress and she illustrates her entry with a windmachine, a classic Eurovision Song Contest item.

Alenka Gotar Cvet z juga

Another ethinc song. At the beginning, the singer drops a white rose. The vocal performance is very strong and very dramatic. Among others, a mandoline is included in the show. The biggest applause of the evening so far follows.

Zablujena GeneracijaKdo hoèe plesati z menoj

The first 'real' rock song of the evening. The outfits of the band seem to be inspired by various well-known rock bands of the 1960s and 70s. The camera work is very irritating.

Jernej DermotaMoj planet

The outfits and the overall show might be called quiet pedestrian. The song is similar to Mr. Nobody – a violin player joins on stage towards the end.

Martin PeroviæZadeni me

The entry – a mid-tempo pop song is illustrated by two male background dancer. The four female background singers join on stage towards the end.

Sebastian – Naj svet zakrièi

The whole song (especially the intro) is very similar to Tina Karol's Show me your love. Partly, it's hard to believe that it's not a Slovene cover version of the song. The performance is not very spectacular but features some background dancers.

Alya –Vizija

Probably the most extraordinary (and lascivious) entry of the evening. Besides the two topless male background dancers, the female lead singer wears a neon pink swimsuit and blue boots. She might well be called the Slovene Pamela Anderson. Due to the choreography , the singer is partly out of tune.

Diona Dim – Oce

Another ballad. The singer has a dark voice that fits well with the song. The overall performance is simple but effective.

Dean Vivod & Tonus KitarisHitmejker

The song mixes a rock intro with a pop chorus. The singer seems to like mix styles anyway: He is wearing a red tail coat while he is moving across the scene with the microphone rack in his hands.

Don Corleone Bella mia

The last song. Since the song title is in Itlalian,the singer decided to bring Italian flair on stage. Dressep up as a mafia boss, he is sitting in an armchair, surrounded by tuba players. The lyrics are pretty international: Ciao Slovenia, bella mia! Deutschland, France, Polska, Espania – questa grande compania! Roma,Zürich…

The lines are now open and the results will be revealed soon.

Feel free to watch the broadcast live on the net and post your comments and reactions here

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