Indiggo disqualified from Romanian semi final

by Marcus Klier 160 views

Romanian broadcaster TVR have disqualified the twin sisters Indiggo from the Romanian selection. The two girls have broken the rules regarding rehearsals. Indiggo would have competed in the second Romanian semi final on Saturday with the song Love struck written by Gerard James Borg and Thomas G:son.

Indiggo would have had rehearsals for the first time today at 17:20 CET, but they were not present. Thetwin sisters weren't available to shoot the pre-view videos last month,and they also didn't appear on the TVR2 show Tonomotaul DP2. They said their refusal is based on the fact thatnobody has told themwho accused their song of being plagiarized.Furthermore, Indiggo didn't send an instrumental track of their song to TVT at least 24 hours before the first rehearsal.

We should point out that the song was cleared of any plagiarism allegations, and TVR expected Indiggo to participate with the song. Added to this it seems a strange reason for Indiggo to protest, as they did not write the song themselves. The girls requested to have their appearance moved from the first to the second semi final to avoid scheduling clashes, before failing to appear at the video recording session and then failing to submit the instrumental version of the song to TVR for preparation of the show.

Dan Manoliu, coordinator of Eurovision 2007 national selection stated: "In order not to confront this kind of situations, we brought to everyone’s attention that not respecting the schedule announced by the organizers, including the rehearsal schedule (announced on the 22nd of January), meant disqualifying from the contest. We underlined many times that every candidate must treat the competition very seriously and that we intended to be very drastic in this regard”.

Gerard James Borg, one of the composers told "It was a good song and it's a very sad situation. I don't know anything about what's going on, and I haven't heard from them Indiggo ".

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