Danish Malene A-student in Music

by Daniel Ringby 190 views

To European televoters, Danish entrant Malene Mortensen may have been inane. Back home in Denmark, the song-bird scored top mark at her music exam.

This Thursday, 2002 Danish entrant Malene scored top mark, 13, at her finishing music exam at the Danish Sankt Annæ Gymnasium (UK: sixth form of a grammar school; US: senior high school). Malene has earlier received second top mark, 11, in playing the piano.

Headmaster Povl Markussen gave a special speech for Malene. »Malene has supremely tackled not only singing, but also the entire fuss around her person. She supremely lives up to the standards and demands set by this institution.«

Malene is yet to finish an oral and a written exam, which had been postponed for her because of her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Once finally graduated, she and her boyfriend Anders Meinhardt – also a graduate from Sankt Annæ this year – are going on a journey together by car around Denmark.
»I'm really looking forward to it. All we'll have to do is to throw the tent into the trunk, and off we'll go. It's going to be really fun”, Malene finishes.