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The first Cypriot Press Conference is taking place right now and is covering live for you. The Press conference was opened by Marios Mavrikios, Director General CyBC.

Mr Mavrikios announces Cyprus' internal selection. The broadcaster took into consideration online polls where Evridiki was leading and they decided to make the proposal to the popular Cypriot. CyBC is closely watched by EBU

The song is called Comme ci, comme ca, Lyrics by Poseidonas Giannopoulos, music by Dimitris Korgialas.There are three versions of the song, Greek, English and French, the language has not been finalised yet, it could be a mix.It is a dance song about the relationships in a couple and how they evolve in time.

Evridiki said : "We will do everything in our power. Our target is the final, we will go smiling, full of optimism and we'll try to have a good time, and if we are lucky we expect the best"!

Dimitris Korgialas said: "The burden is great but the honor is greater, we will do our best to achieve the best result".

Evridiki asked for the support of the Cypriot public, the Cypriot diaspora all over Europe and the potential sponsors.

Reporters ask whether the mess created last year with the televoting was the reason for this year's decision to go with an internal selection. Mr Mavrikios says that any mistakes made in the past are not going to be repeated.

The artists said that although neigbour voting in the Eurovision Song Contest is a fact, a good song is always voted for.

Mr Mavrikios confrirms that one of the reasons for the internal selection this year were last year's problems. He continues to say that a good song is not always enough to win as the Eurovision song contest is unpredictable. It also takes a good stage performance and good promotion.

Evridiki is asked whether she fears for her career should the result be not the desired one. Evridiki says that she has already achieved an 11th place and it helped rather than damaged her career so far.

Dimitris Korgialas said that he is a classic Eurovision Song Contest fan watching it with friends, beer and pizza. (Greek custom for the night of the contest). Evridiki says that she has been following the contest since she was a little girl and some things don't change with time.

Evridiki and Dimitris had received an invitation to sing for France last year but they didn't accept. Afterwards they composed the song having France in mind, thus the french lyrics.The song issuch a good dance track that they count on it being a hit whether it does well or not in the contest. People from labels abroad have heard it and have asked to release it in other markets.

The president of CyBC said that the budget this year will be the same as last year and the year before. He also said that they have asked EBU to host Junior Eurovision next year.

The song will be officially released on February 23rd.

You can find out more about Evridiki at English and Greek)

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