EuroBlog Round-up (29 January)

by Steve Holyer 74 views

Selection fever is running high and threatening to overwhelm even the most dedicated fans and Eurovision Song Contest website editors; as everyone knows there were six national semi-finals last Saturday plus previews in Estonia. Luckily the Spanish Eurovision mission hasn't moved to Saturday yet, or some editors' fingers really would have fallen off from all the coverage. This EuroBlog Round-up takes a quick look at the Internet happenings in Spain, Romania, and Estonia – plus finds video proof that the editors are busy.

Everyone is keeping at least one eye on the Spanish mission to select a song for Helsinki if only to enjoy the high camp entertainment of 1968 winner Massiel. LiveJournaler aadroma thinks she “looks and sounds like a drag queen” now, but he finds her “amusingly domineering”. Still most bloggers – like the Schlager Boys – have just taken to calling her “Aunty Massiel”.

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