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NASH, the upcoming Spanish boyband who conquered the whole of Spain at the last Mision Eurovision Gala spoke to Spanish editor Sanjay Jiandani in an exclusive interview about themselves and their ambitions. They have taken the Iberian peninsula by storm and will be competing in the semi final of Mision Eurovision in their quest to represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Mikel, Basty, Ony and Javi are more than happy and excited with their Mision Eurovision experience. They shared their thoughts and ambitions.

Mikel is a 24 year old dynamic young man who hails from the beautiful island of Tenerife (Canary Islands). He has worked as a model for Tommy Hilfiger in their Asian campaign and has studied audio visual communications in Southhampton ( England). He speaks English fluently.

Basty is 25 years of age and comes from Cadiz. His handsome looks have enabled him to wok as a model. He has been on stage since the tender age of 9. He has a passion for sports and is a qualified pilot.

Javi the 23 year old Andalusian hails from one of Spain's most beautiful capitals, Sevile. He has worked as a proffesional dancer specializing in modern dance.

Ony, who is 24 years of age, comes from Valencia has experienced working in musicals, movies and advertising campaigns. He's also worked as a Hip Hop dance teacher in Sevile.

What does the name NASH stand for? You are four guys, what are your names and where are you all from? Please introduce yourselves.

“Hello!! First of all, we are Basty, Javi, Mikel & Ony and we�re from different parts of Spain. After several days trying to find the perfect name for the group, we decided to name ourselves NASH. The name was formed mixing 4 very important letters for us. N is for Basty�s grandma, A for Ony�s father, S for Seville, the city where Javi was born, and H is for Hennet, Mikel�s family name.”

When was NASH formed? How has your musical career evolved since then?

“We all met 2 years ago in Madrid and, since then, we became friends and started to create music and sing together. Besides that, Ony and Javi were really close friends since they were children and Mikel and Basty had been studying together at the same Drama school for a year.
We released our first album �Capaz de todo� last April and it was quite successful in the Spanish charts. We�ve been touring throughout Spain since then, meeting our fans from every city in the country.”

What made you enter Mision Eurovision?

“We were promoting �Capaz de todo�, when we watched the first Misión Eurovision show. We were really surprised when we found out that admissions were still open, so we applied the very last day!! We�re proud we got in, because of the high level of the contestants.”

How do u feel about your land slide victory at the last Mision Eurovision show? Were you expecting to cause such an impact on the whole nation? Please comment.

“We are very happy and, of course, we didn�t expect it at all. It was amazing to receive so many votes from all Spain, and we still can�t believe it. Thanks to all the people who supported us!!”

Are you aware of the fact that Mision Eurovision is being closely followed in the whole of Europe as TVE International reaches viewers in Europe, Africa and the Americas?

“Honestly, no. When you�re in the show you don�t get to think about that. You know you are closely followed by your friends and fans, but you can�t imagine someone outside Spain is watching you!!”

Are you familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you guys watch it every year? What do you know about it?

“Yes, we watch it every year!! In fact, last year we all gathered to watch it together. It�s a really important Song Contest and probably the best way to get to be known all around Europe.”

How do you feel to be among the finalists to compete in the semi final of Mision Eurovision? Have you planned anything special for the semi final: ie the song you all will sing or the staging and choreography?

“We�re really proud to be in the semi final. It was an honour to be #1 on the voting chart last week, so we�ll try to do our best on the 10th February!! About our song, we are still working on it. We�ll keep you informed.”

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