Luxembourg: Lara Fabian cancels tour

by Yann Messina 1,938 views

Belgian superstar Lara Fabian, who represented Luxembourg in Dublin in 1988, decided to cancel her world tour promoting her latest effort Le secret due to health problems.

Several weeks ago, Lara Fabian suffered from a severe acoustic shock injury during a rehearsal. The shock provoked an important inner ear dysfunction making it very painful and almost impossible for the diva to sing live.

After a series of 23 self-torturing concerts in 7 different countries in Europe and Northern America, the singer finally took the very difficult but wise decision to cancel the rest of her 150-date world tour to give herself a chance to recover as soon as possible.

In a message posted on her official website, the singer apologized to her fans and her staff, and promised to come back stronger with brand new songs.