Finland: three songs chosen

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Finland, the host country of Eurovision Song Contest 2007, continued its search for the singer or group who will follow Lordi�s footsteps tonight. In the second semi final, another three music acts performed two songs each. The favourite of the two entries was chosen by televoting and will compete in the national final.

The show

After a short introduction, the first three songs were performed. A short interview with the artist followed after each song.

Jukka KuoppamäkiLevitä siivet

The lead singer played the guitar while singing his first entry. He was backed bytwo guitar players, a drummer and two male backgorund singers. The song is a quiet simple pop song which might well be sung by the Olsen brothers.

HumaneBubble shell

The song might be called a pretty extraordinary one, mixing a rock sound with a disco beat. The lead singer was also playing the guitar during the presentation. The vocal performance was not as strong as the first one of the evening.


Katra received by far the biggest applause of the evening – before and after her performance. The song is a typical Finnish rock song, similar to some songs of the band Nightwish. The singer was backed by a rock band and classical dancers were shown on the video screen behind them.

The first interval act was performed: Kim Lönnholm sang Minä olen muistanut. With that song he competed in the Finnish national final in 1989. The original Euroviisut performance was shown on the video screen in the background. He was also interviewed by the hosts.

Jukka KuoppamäkiPikajuna

The stage appearance had not changed since the first song. Nevertheless, Pikajuna is more catchy than the first entry. The song (which is also performed in Finnish) is in kind of a country tune and better received by the audience.

HumanePlane away

Both song and stage performance are very different from the first entry: The twomale and the female lead singers are accompanied by a piano player. The song is a classical ballad with someminor rock items and illustrated by pictures of water in the background.


The dancers who were shown on the video screen during the first entry were now live on stage while the rock band disappeared. The song is similar to the first one but maybe a bit more of a ballad. Sometimes, the singer oviously had problems to reach the high notes but was not completely out of tune.

The televoting was now opened. The latest news about the Eurovision Song Contest were read like last week. Of course, Dmitry Koldun's victory in the Belsrussian final was the top news item. A Top 3 of the most popular Eurovision Song Contest hosts was presented during the news – the results are as follows:

  1. Lill Lindfors (Göteborg 1985)
  2. Reynars Kaupers (Riga 2003)
  3. Ulrika Johnsson (Birmingham 1998)

Furthermore, a journalist visteda former Dutch particpant and talked withher abouther appearance in the contest: Esther Hart (13th in 2003 with One more night).

Later, Katri Helena appeared as a special guest. She represented Finland in 1979 (14th with Katson sineen taivaan) and in 1993 (17th with Tule luo). On stage, she performed her 1993 entry with the Millstreet performance on the video screen in the background.

And here are the results:

Jukka KuoppamäkiLevitä siivet: 61 % – qualified, will be performed number 5 in the final

Jukka KuoppamäkiPikajuna: 39 %

HumaneBubble shell : 21 %

HumanePlane away 79 % qualified, will be performed number 9 in the final

KatraTietäjä: 75 % qualified, will be performed number7 in the final

KatraVaaratar:25 %

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