Euroviisut compilation CD finally becomes reality

by Ilari Karhapää 56 views

Long gone are the days in Finland when many of the Euroviisut songs were never recorded, or appeared on artists� albums even years later, or sung by someone else. This year for the first time a compilation CD will be published and most of the artists will have single or album releases as well.

The official compilation including the Finnish Euroviisut final songs will be released on February 28. The original date was February 14, but the Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue incident happened and pushed back the release date of the album. The same kind of compilation was meant to be released last year but the various record companies didn’t come to an agreement in the end. Edel Records Finland is the publisher.

As well, the artists are busy with their separate releases. Hanna Pakarinen and Beats & Styles will the first ones: they both release a new album on February 14. Hanna has already released the first single Go go from it. Her third album is called Lovers, and includes her for the final qualified Leave me alone and Tell me what to do, which did not qualify.

Beats and Styles album is called Walk, don’t talk. They will participate with See the signs and Take it back in the last semi final on February 10. Their album also includes their hit single Ocean wave that was released last December. It will be interesting to see if they have a guest vocalist like Humane.

Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue will release their debut album Tokio Okei on February 21. The disqualified Euroviisut entry Lover lover lover will be their next promo single from it. They will take part in the last semi final on February 10 with the new replacement songs Cinnamon and Rock’n’roll dreams.

Katra will release her debut album on February 28. She will compete in the second semi final next Saturday with Vaaratar and Tietäjä.

Johanna Kurkela will release her second album in mid March, but already in February we will hear her new single Sun särkyä anna mä en from it. She will compete in the third semi final on February 3 with Olet kaunein uneni and Jossain metsäin takana.

Thunderstone’s fourth album Evolution 4.0 will be released on March 14 and will include their already qualified Face in the mirror as well as Forevermore from the first semi final last Saturday. The album will be released also in the USA and Canada later this spring.

Jani & Jetsetters will re-release their Uusi aalto album including both Euroviisut songs Etupenkillä and already qualified Musta sulhanen. Jukka Kuoppamäki follows the example and re-releases his Suuret tunteet album with added Euroviisut songs Levitä siivet and Pikajuna. He will take part in the second semi final this Saturday.

Lovex will release a new edition of their Divine Insanity in Germany including their Euroviisut entry Anyone anymore but not Wild and violent, their second Euroviisut entry in the third semifinal on February 3.

Kentala is working on his debut solo album and will propably have his both entries Merry-go-round and Left my heart behind on it as well as his runner up from 2005, Deck of cards. He will compete in the third semifinal on February 3.

There are no news about Humane, whose Plane away has become one of the favourites after the radio presentation last Monday amongst fans. The song features guest vocalist Johanna Sandelin and tenor Tom Nyman. Their other song Bubble shell includes vocals by Charles Slater and Pauliina Kokkonen. Slater is an Eurovision Song Contest veteran after dancing behind CatCat in 1994 and backing up Geir Rönning in 2005.

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