UPD Israeli song selection broadcasted from S'derot

by Itamar Barak 88 views

The song with which the band Teapacks will represent Israel in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest will be selected next month in a special show on IBA, probably broadcasted from the southern town of S'derot. “We will bring the authentic Israeli music”, said soloist Kobi Oz today.

Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot reports today that IBA has decided that the most suitable location to hold the 'private' national final of Teapacks is the southern town of S'derot. The band's members all originate from this small peripheral town, which suffers, daily, from rocket attacks.According to IBA, this would be a gesture to the citizens of the town and the band and their fans.

The show will be broadcasted sometime next month. Teapacks will perform 4 songs. IBA's Eurovision jury and the public at home will select together the entry for Helsinki. Each will account for 50% of the total vote. This method of selection has been tried before (1988, 2003 and 2004), not bringing much successat the Eurovision Song Contest itself.

UPDATE: In a press conference held today in Tel Aviv, Teapacks' soloist, Kobi Oz, told they are proud to be bringing authentic Israeli music to theEuropean ears this May. "We will not disguise under false styles we are not accustomed with. We will present the true Teapacks which eveyone knows in Israel. One song will most probably be up-tempo. We are located between Asia and Africa, neighbours to Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, so our well known style is the most suitable". Oz said the band prefers singing in Hebrew at the contest.

There are 7 members in Teapacks. According to Oz, they have not decided yet who will notparticiapte in their stage act in Helsinki. When asked wether they considered declining IBA's invitation Oz replied: "We were afraid we will not be able to perform with full energy due to the playback used in the Eurovision Song Contest. After watching Lordi's performance in Athens, we were convinced it will be possible". Watch parts from the press conference on Ynet.co.il.

Teapacks will sing for Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest's semifinal, on May 10th.

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