Prime Minister gave statement on the past contest

by Sietse Bakker 222 views

The Russian group who participated in the past contest, Prime Minister, gave a statement on the past Eurovision Song Contest.

The guys thank the people from ORT for their assistance and they explained why their song ended up 10th while they expected more. “Because of high strain, tiredness and then, some of us just burned out. And the finalperfomance is just a peak of an iceberg. Before that we had a week marathon in Tallinn, which included receptions at embassies, interviews to the media and exhaustive hours of rehearsals”, the singers of ' Northern Girl' said.

The team was also disappointed about the media coverage in Russia afterwards. They pointed out that the polls were wrong and that they ended up higher than countries with higher expectations. “If wel take into consideration that such countries as Germany, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland ended in a huge failure, then we should treat our 10th place as little success (…) because Russia will take part in the contest next year”.

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