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Miguel Linde, the author and composer of Tu voz se apagara, one of the 15 songs competing in Mision Eurovision to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision
Song Contest , opened his heart and spoke to Spanish esctoday.com editor Sergio Jiandani about Mision Eurovision and his song in an exclusive interview. Miguel's song is among the hot favourites to represent Spain and has received great reviews among Eurovision Song Contest fans both in Spain and Europe.

Miguel, who hails from Tarifa, Cadiz, is a 23 year old who has always had a great passion for composing music. He started music lessons at the tender age of 8, played the trumpet and received singing lessons for two years. When Miguel turned 13 he joined the Tarifa Theatrical company and from 1998 he was in charge of the musical department which enbled him to work on the sounding and recording of the shows, and gain experience during the musicals. He started to compose his own songs and gained more and more knowledge in the musical field. He moved to Seville few years back in order to study sound engineering.

Miguel is currently working at the Technical School of Scenic Arts in Sevile where he is in charge of the sound department. esctoday.com would like to wish Miguel the best of luck in Mision Eurovision .You can listen to Tu voz se apagara on the official website of Mision Eurovision www.misioneurovision.es.

How do you feel being among the 15 entries that have been selected to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

“I didn't expect it. I'm very proud of it. Being selected among 1001 songs is the greatest gift any author can ask for! Thanks so much to everyone who has believed in my song. Thank you!!”

What inspired you to write your song? What made you enter Mision Eurovision?

“Well, I've always watched the Eurovision Song Contest. Since I was a child, my mother used to put us (brothers and me) in front of the TV to see the contest. Everyone in my family loves Eurovision. So, when I heard about Mision Eurovision I decided to arrange a song that I had written back in September 2004 and send it. It's my dream since long to have everyone in Europe listen to my song , and more so if it is at the Eurovision Song Contest. I hope someday my dream will come true.”

Tell us about your song Tu voz se apagara!

“The song talks about two lovers who are going through trials and hard times in their relationship and how one of them notices that their love has vanished forever, and tries to break up in order to avoid the on going suffering.

I just want to give strength to all those people who are suffering from love, tell them to be strong and give them the courage to face life with a smile. There are plenty of fish in the sea! There are many people out there with whom they can surely find love and happpiness. My message is 'We are here to love, not to suffer'

It's a disco song with Arabic influenced arrangements which I think is well appreciated at the Eurovision Song Contest and all over the world nowadays it always works (I think) and I hope it will work here too, for the Eurovision!”

Did you compose your entry by yourself?

“Yes, I composed the music, wrote the lyrics and made the arrangements. The song is not recorded in a studio so I had to compose the music on the computer at home. There are many ways of to compose and produce music, ie many programs, samples, sounds etc. Don't forget it's just a demo. Once the song is selected (if so..) it has to be recorded again with new music and new arrangements to adjust it and adapt it to the singer.”

Is it the first time youre trying to enter a song for the Eurovision Song Contest?

“Yes, it's my first time and I hope it won't be the last. I love wrtiting songs for Eurovision. It's a great way to show your songs to many people and share your music and culture.”

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