Tonight: first Finnish semi final

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Tonight will be the first 'big' night of the 2007 national final season. Three nordic countries, Finland, Norway and Iceland are going to hold the first semi finals in their national selection. As a warm-up, reminds you of what you can expect from tonight's shows. Here you can read more about the FInnish selection, Euroviisut 2007.

Euroviisut 2007

Twelve artists chosen by YLE and the music industry will each perform two songs in the four semi finals and televoting will send the best one to the final in Turku on 17th February. The four semi finals, each with three artists and six songs will be held in Tampere at the Tohloppi TV studios while the final will move to Turku’s Karibia like last year. This selection method was used for the first time in 2006 and proved successful not only because it brought Finland its first victory but also gave birth to several domestic radio hits besides Lordi’s huge success on sales.

Webcast / satellite information

YLE's website in Finnish says that one can follow the show live on the internet. This has not yet been mentioned on the English version of the site. Nevertheless, something similar was promised for the preview show, but that one appeared only after the show.

Satellite information:

YLE1, YLE 2:Sirius 3 (5.0E) – 11862.00 V / 27500 3/4 (encoded)
YLE1, YLE 2:Thor 3 (0.8W) – 12054.00 H / 28000 3/4

The songs:

  1. Jani & the Jetsetters – Etupenkillä
  2. Hanna Pakarinen – Tell me what to do
  3. Thunderstone – Forevermore
  4. Jani & the Jetsetters – Musta sulhanen
  5. Hanna Pakarinen – Leave me alone
  6. Thunderstone – Face in the mirror

You can find the complete line-up of the four semi finals here.

Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2006 with Lordi and Hard rock hallelujah.

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