Belgium: Artist chosen

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Walloon broadcaster RTBF will be responsible to choose the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest participant. They went for an internal selection to choose song and singer(s) that will be revealed on 25th February during the second edition of Bonnie & Clyde, a new program by Jacques Mercier and Armelle. Partner website suggests that the selection will be between Eté 67 and Saule et les Pleureurs, but nothing has officially been confirmed yet.

While the Flemish VRT TV broadcaster is known for 'big' national finals, including semi finals (and, as in 2006, quarter finals), RTBF used to have a smaller selection: After an internal selection in 2003 that resulted in 2nd place achived by Urban Trad with their song Sanomi, the 2005 national included only two participants. The result was deceiving: Nuno Resende finished 22nd (second from last) in the semi final with Le grand soir. RTBF have not officially confirmed the news, but the leaked information in La Dernière wrote: says:

There is a big chance that one of the above mentioned bands will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest. According to rumours which reached La Dernière Heure, it will be a band from Liège, most probably Été 67. Their modern music style and the fact that the band has a good relation with RTBF is an extra reason to believe so.

But also Saule et les Pleureurs, a band from Mons, is scheduled to appear in the emission of Bonnie & Clyde in which the Belgian representative for Helsinki will be presented. They also have a good relation with RTBF and with show director Franco Dragone.

Leslie Cable, leader of the Belgian delegation, stresses that everything will remain top secret until 25th February.

In 2006, Kate Ryan finished 12th in the semi final with Je t'adore. Therefore, the next Belgian representative will once again have to enter the qualification heat in Helsinki.


Over the years, the Walloon broadcaster was by far more succesful than VRT TV. Both the only Belgian victory (1986, Sandra Kim with J'aime la vie) and the only tworunner-up positions (1978 and 2003) were reached by Walloon contestants. The best result by a Flemish representative was back in 1959 – a 6th place (out of only 11 contestants) by Bob Benny with Hou toch van mij, the best out of only five Top 10 placings with the last one in 1977 (Dream Express – Amillion in 1, 2, 3, 7th place). On the other hand, only two out of eight last places were achieved by RTBF, in 1962(Fud Leclerc – Ton nom) and 2000(Nathalie Sorce – Envie de vivre).

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