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Previously esctoday.com has told about Gordon Kennedy�s plan to release a CD with all his rejected songs from Melodi Grand Prix. He is a Danish actor and stand up comedian who over the years has sent it a lot of songs for the Danish final without success. DR has rejected them all � but now you can listen to bits from some of these songs on their website.

Click here to listen to the songs.

For Gordon it would be a dream coming true if one day he will have a song in the Danish final. He has given his honest views about the songs and his own thoughts as to why they were rejected:

1984: Tør Du La Vær (This song is published in its full length) Gordon was only 16 years old when he wrote his first song for the Danish final, he had high expectations to the song: “I was sure it would make it! That is why I was so disappointed when it was rejected. I still have the original tape with a sticker on it that means, “we heard the song and it isn’t good enough!”, it was quite humiliating actually”, Gordon admits. As a comedian he has later on used this song as a parody on the Melodi Grand Prix, although in 1984 he was serious about it.

1993: Sjip Sjap – Nine years later, Gordon was older and more experienced as to how to write a song. “This time I tried to listen to how to build up a Melodi Grand Prix song and I tried the usual stuff with the half tone up in the last chorus etc.”. Despite good reparations,onceagain his song was rejected.

1999: Jeg Kan Ikke Vente – As withmany Eurovision Song Contest entries this song is about unrequited love and he tried to find his inspiration from the many boy bands at that time, but that wasn’t what DR wanted either. Gordon thinks he knows why: “The lyrics are horribly childish and the song is actually unbearable to listen to, maybe because I once again chose to sing the demo myself!

2000: Når Jeg Tænker På Dig – This was the year where the Olsen Brothers won first place in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and a few months later the Eurovision Song Contest. In the Danish final they didn’t compete against this song as Gordon was once again rejected, though the title sounds like a Melodi Grand Prix song. As usual Gordon sings the demo himself, but this time he got to think about if that might be the reason:

I realised that the rejections might be due to the fact that the jury found it difficult to ignore that the singing sounds like hell and that the arrangements was made on small and cheap equipments at home in my basement. Or maybe the songs ARE just bad… you are not being told that!

2005: Hvis Du Ku– In the attempt for it soon to happen, to have a song chosen, Gordon changed some of the things he has pointed out himself might have been the problem previously. On his latest song for the Danish selection he is not singing the chorus himself and points out that he wouldn’t have been able to: “I have written it to difficult for myself”, despite the fact that this didn’t make it either he has however learned a lesson:

I should stay away from singing my own songs, partly because it sounds like hell and partly because I send the wrong signals if I am to perform them myself. People would laugh at them and what if that happen and I was actually serious about the song?”.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t made it Gordon Kennedy is not giving up on his dream: “I have almost made it a tradition each year to write a song for the Melodi Grand Prix, simply because I want it so much.” As previously mentioned the CD with the title “Absolut not MGP” will be released to time with the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final on the 10th of February where Gordon is also mentioned as being the interval act. DR hasnot yet confirmed the interval act's name, but it is mentioned by the songwriter union, DPA.

As a kind of bonus track it is also possible to listen to bits from the song “Nogle Har” which Gordon wrote for the 2003 selection, but decided not to send it. It is up to the readers to judge for themselves if this might be due to the lyrics:“Some have a rhythm in the body which you don’t discuss,Some have a voice that makes women explode,Others like me can’t brag about anythingI don’t even have a big one – and my girlfriend is annoyed about that!

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix starts with its two semi-finals on 26th of January and 2nd of February. The final will be held on Saturday the 10th and it will be interesting to see which of the rejected songs Gordon Kennedy will perform as interval act.

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