The Top 5 innovators of the wind machine at Eurovision Part Deux

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[tps_header]Ok! so back by popular demand and unintentional comedic controversy, bravely prepares to take a secondary look at how the wind machine has been a gimmick long used to curry favour and enhance a performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Particularly favoured by the Schlager genre of the contest, we take a look at some of the more ingenious uses of this medium in the contest and how it has evolved to becoming de rigueur as part of the spectacle that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

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So we last ended with Hurricane Carola but it would be sacrilege to not mention this Eurovision diva’s innovative use of the wind machine. Anna Vissi represented Greece with Everything. She stood alone on the stage and used the wind machine to subtly frame and enhance her performance. As Vissi threw herself to her knees to try and chastise herself of her former lover the screen visuals resembled a thunderstorm and the wind machine whipped her hair into frenzy as she sung this beautiful ballad into its closing climax which can only be described as the greatest coup de théâtre ever presented at Eurovision as she concluded that she was still “in love with everything you are”. In what can only be described as a crime against humanity Vissi ended the final in 9th position with 128 points.

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