Mision Eurovision Gala 2 rocks Spanish viewers !

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 86 views

Last night the 2nd gala of Mision Eurovision, the Spanish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, was held in Madrid where five more semi finalists were elected to compete in the semi final. TVE once again excelled in hosting a magnificent show – that lasted 4 hours! Paula Vazquez, the charming hostess interviewed last week's finalists.

Poker, Nessa, Miguel Canadas, Gerard and Santa Fe, thefive semi finalists from last week got the chance to tell the Spanish viewers how their life and careers have changed since last week when theyqualified to compete in the semi final of Mision Eurovision.They surely have become very popular and are really enjoying the limelight! These fiveacts have been welcomed with great honours in their hometowns. They have beenappearingonTV and radio shows. Media have been devoting them attention; some of them have even been approached by record companies and have received various proposals. All in all,they were very grateful to TVE for thisopportunity and they went on to mention that Mision Eurovision has opened them many doors.

Paula invited the Spanish viewers to send in questions via sms, prolonging the show for one more hour. She interviewed thefive acts that qualified today as well as some of the other candidates that didnt make it. She asked Massiel, who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Spain in 1968 what would she do if she was proposed to represent Spain again this year! Much to the audience's amusement Massiel answered by saying that she has already had her chance and it would be more than fair to let the younger artists have a go at the contest and togive them the chance to represent Spain.

Nazaret, Mirela, Montse Mallorquin, Paco Arrojo and Paraelissa will be joining last weekssemi finalists in their quest to compete in the semi final of Mision Eurovision. Last night'svoting surely brought in a lot of excitement and suspense to the show as it was a very tight race and the scoreboard kept on changing all the time! You can read more here.