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Andorra will be participating at the Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth time this year. So far they have not qualified for the final, but they are hoping that a change of tact this year will achieve their best result so far. For the first time, Andorra will be represented by a band, and a style of music that differs from the music seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in the past.

Anonymous, the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest participants for Andorra, are a rck-punk band and their star is rising. Their popularity in Andorra grows and they are beginning to make a name for themselves in Spain. It is clear that Andorra are attempting to freshen up their approach to the competition and are sending a modern style of music in the hope that they connect with some of the younger voters that will be watching in May.

One website published a story on the internet last month claiming that Andorra had withdrawn from the event, however it was quickly removed without comment. That story was of course entirely fictitous, but there is a genuinefear thatcountries that do not pass to the final for several years will increasingly follow the example of Monaco this year and Austria in 2005 by withdrawingfrom the event. discussed Andorra's position at the Eurovision Song Contest with their new Head of Delegation for 2007:

Is there a possibility that Andorra would withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 if the country does not reach a much improved position in Helsinki ?
"At this point we are completly focused in the 2007 project. We know that Andorra needs some good results after the last contests. After the last edition there have been some rumours about the possibility that Andorra could withdraw the ESC but we haven't talk about that and we just want to have more succes this year. Our goal in Helsinki is improve our last positions but before that we want to create a project that gets people involvement".

What is the public perception of the Eurovision Song Contest in Andorra, and has it improved or decreased since you starting participating in the event?
"Andorrahas been present in last three editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. The first year we had lots of people following the project. During the last two years, may be because of the bad results, this interest for the festival has been a little bit smaller but we have design a project for this 2007 that will attrack the audience again".

Will the band be touring or running an international promotion campaign in the build-up to Helsinki ?
"This year Andorra will not be touring a lot. As I told you before we want to focus our effords in promoting the artist, the song and the festival i our national market. We will probably make some promotion in Spain, mostly in cataluña".

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