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Brave, excited, grateful and decided to win are, to name a few, some features that Rebeca mentions about herself. As we all now, Rebeca is one of the artists selected by the Spanish broadcaster TVE to enter the preselection Misión Eurovisión. In an exclusive interview for esctoday.com, Rebeca has spoken about her present feelings, her career, future projects… And she also has revealed an exclusive for this website: Rebeca will perform at the 3rd Gala, next January 23rd.

Her election to participate in Misión Eurovisión is not the only reason that is making Rebeca feel excited these days. This 28-year-old singer, born in Barcelona, is specially happy because the song composed by Antonio Sánchez Ohlsson, Thomas G:Son, Andreas Rickstrand and herself, I love you mi vida has been selected as well to compete at the entries section.

Rebeca regards this fact as a reward for a whole year of hard work. However, Rebeca admits that:
"it was a shock for all the team to know that the selection of artists and entries were being chosen separately, but it is great to know that we still can reach our aim".

Talking about her joint project with Thomas G:Son, Antonio Sánchez Ohlsson and Andreas Rickstrand:
"I love you mi vida, Rebecca states that this entry is a real possibility to get the victory for Spain in Helsinki, and encourages the Spanish audience to vote for it: If Spain wants to win, i ask the people to vote for the spectacle of I love you mi vida".

Talking about the fans and the support that they have given her so far, she says:
"I have received huge support. I have no words to express my gratitude to all eurofans. When they love somebody, they do anything for that person without conditions".

Regarding the task and nerves of representing Spain at Eurovision Song Contest,Rebeca replied:
"Itis a challenge, but a challenge is a way to feel alive, and performing for Spain would be a dream come true. That is enought to get you past any fear or worry about performing in such a massive event".

As a long-time fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, we asked Rebeca if she had any favourite participants:
"Carola and Helena Paparizou are the bestartists for me. Amongst the Spanish entrants, Sergio Dalma or Nina are my favourites".

Rebeca has had a great courtesy towards esctoday.com giving us an exclusive: viewers will be able to watch her performance at the 3rd Gala of Misión Eurovisión, to be held next January 23rd. She has also revealed that "it is possible to perform a duo with Paco Arrojo at the Gala 4" (January 30th)

Talking about the song I love you mi vida,Rebeca refers to songwriter Toni Sánchez Ohlsson's words to explain the reasons why I love you mi vida deserves to win next May 12th:
"If life has four vital components: Air, Water, Earth and Fire, Eurovision has its own four: North, South, East and West. This is a very international song, modern and with good chances to make a great performance".

Collaboration with Thomas G:Son and Toni Sánchez Ohlsson will not finish after this Eurovision adventure. Rebecca has spoken about her immediate projects:
"We will record a CD including Thomas G:Son, Toni Sánchez and Isaac Luque (composer of Qué no daría yo, Rebeca's attempt for ESC 2006). This new album will content 12 fine songs and will open a new stage in my career. This continuity is due to the great feeling created among this team.

To finish this interview, Rebeca has wanted to greet all eurofans and the esctoday.com readers:
"I would like to send a big kiss to all eurofans that have supported us without conditions. I want you all to know that i read esctoday.com every day and even i am so grateful to those of you that have shown support with your reactions. A lot of singers read the site and your views and support are seen. Thank you from my heart, I will do everything I can to see you all in Helsinki.

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