France: Louisa Baïlèche‎ makes a comeback

by Yann Messina 129 views

Louisa Baïlèche‎, who represented France in Riga in 2003 with Monts et merveilles (see here), is making a comeback with a new music project. The singer will be releasing an album as part of the vocal group MAHNA that will give a concert in Paris on 25 January 2014.

Since her Eurovision experience, Louisa has been involved in quite a lot of music projects, exploring every aspects of her passion. Her latest work is a cooperation with Serena Fisseau, Paule-Emmanuelle Gabarra, Arnaud Vernet and Jean-Yves Pénafiel as part of the vocal ensemble MAHNA.

MAHNA is a wild and sophisticated a cappella vocal group which plays with quite an original repertoire of World music. Songs are performed in different languages including imaginary ones and are a true ode to travel. After a series of successful participation in several music festivals, the group will be releasing a first album on 25 January 2014 which will be celebrated on the occasion of a concert in Paris on the stage of the Café de la Danse on the very same day.