Misión Eurovisión: Coral enters

by Victor Hondal 71 views

The organisers of Misión Eurovisión have confirmed today that Coral will be performing at one of the Galas of the Spanish selection, but not before the 3rd or 4th show. Coral, who won the Benidorm Song Festival in 2005, could sing La reina de la noche, the entry whose composers, José Juan Santana Rodríguez and Rafael Artesero, created specially for her, if she and the song qualify for the Grand Final.

After presenting her candidature to enter Misión Eurovisión, Coral, a young singer from Madrid, has reached her aim. The organization of the TVE's selection for Helsinki has confirmed her as one of thecompetitors to represent Spain at ESC 2007.

The public will have to wait until seeing her on stage. The reason is that Coral won't perform before the 3rd or 4th Gala. Rebecca also enters the contestant race for the final having recorded the song I love you mi vida. At this stage, it seems that she will not be singing her own song, before the final, should she and the song both qualify. The same happens to Coral.

As one of the 15 selected themes, La reina de la noche could be selected in the category of songs, as well as Coral could be chosen in the section of singers. So, this means that there is the possibility for her to sing her own song in Helsinki.

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