Spain: 15 selected songs announced

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The fifteen themes that are taking part in the Spanish preselection Misión Eurovisión have been chosen today. From January 15th to 21th, you can vote for them at the website of Misión Eurovisión. Five of these songs will compete at the Grand Final, set for next February 20th. Rebeca has qualified for the show both as a singer and a songriter, penning an entry with Antonio Sanchez Ohlsen and Thomas G:son so far.

The organization of Misión Eurovisión has announced today the 15 songs that are taking part in the Spanish selection process. Here you are their titles and the name of their composers. A few names were missed off of the official list, but can be found below, these include Thomas G:son and Andreas Rickstrand from I love you mi vida,Thomas G:son from Báilame and Rafael Artesero from La reina de la noche

  • Busco un hombre (Alejandro Pinedo)
  • Ya estás aquí (Juan Luis Angulo)
  • I love you mi vida (Antonio Sanchez Ohlsson, Thomas G:son, Rebeca Pous del Toro, Andreas Rickstrand)
  • Me gusta hacer canciones con un Hey (Alexandre Rexach Llorens & Mónica Bertrán Brancos)
  • Una lágrima (Ana Luisa Santana Valencia)
  • Ley le lee (Rafael Artesero)
  • Rienda suelta a mi corazón (Benjamín Alejandro Estacio)
  • Angel (Ignacio Pascual Corellano)
  • Cuánto amor por ti (José Abraham Martínez Pascual)
  • Destiny (Claes Andreasson – Torbsorn Wassenius)
  • Ain veri japi nau (Juan Luis Santigosa Fesser)
  • Tu voz se apagará (Miguel Linde)
  • Ven a bailar (Mª Carmen Hernández Fernández)
  • Báilame (Antonio Sanchez Ohlsson, Thomas G:son)
  • La reina de la noche (José Juan Santana Rodríguez, Rafael Artesero)

Next January 15th, the period to vote for these songs will be open until January 21st. The 10 most voted entries will qualify for the next round.

Then, from January 24th to 28th, the polls will be open again to choose the 5 songs that will compete at the Grand Final on February 20th.

There is an interesting scenario here that if the song I love you mi vida progresses to the final, and Rebeca qualifies as one of the finalists in the singer's selection, she may after all get to sing her own song in the Mision Eurovisision final.

The same song draws the eye for another reason, Thomas G:son, who wrote Carola's Evighet / Invincible last year, finishing 5th at the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden, has added Spain to his ever-growing list of national final participations. There is now an increasing opportunity for him to have been involved in writing more than one Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2007, with two songs in Sweden, 2 in Spain, and one in Norway and the possibility of entering for at least one further country this year.

Click on to listen and vote for your favourite songs.

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