Douze Points: 8th anniversary tonight!

by Benny Royston 48 views

London's monthly Eurovision Song Contest Party, Douze Points, continues to fill the Retro Bar on the second Thursday of every month. The event takes place at Retro Bar, George Court, London WC2N 6HH Tonight's event see the celebration of Douze Point's 8th anniversary!

Tonight will be a special night for the regulars at London's Retro Bar. The 8th anniversary special of Douze Points promises a few surprises and a change to the traditional event lay-out.

Eurovision Song Contest music is played all night and in between songs, there is an opportunity to win a free drink by correctly answering one of several questions related to the songs. The highlight of the night is the mini Contest. You and your group of friends can volunteer to be one of six juries. Videos of former Eurovision entries from six random countries are played and each jury must vote on the songs. Results are then read out before the music continues until close of business.

For more information on the Douze Pointsparties, click here. would like to congratulate landlady Wendy, resident Douze points DJ's Peter and Paul, online manager Jo and the whole gang a very happy anniversary.

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