France: Natasha St-Pier covers Céline Dion in a duet with Tony Carreira

by Yann Messina 530 views

Natasha St-Pier, who represented France in 2001 at the Eurovision Song Contest, is currently on all places at once. Following the success of the album Thérèse – Vivre d’amour and her weekly music show Les chansons d’abord on France 3, the Canadian singer will host the French Eurovision national final next January and will kick off the best-of tour Je n’ai que mon âme to be performed all over France and the French speaking countries. Today, the singer is even sending to all radios a new single, a duet with famous Portuguese singer Tony Carreira, titled Sous le vent (Onde eu for), which is a cover of a successful track by another Eurovision star, the 1988 winner Céline Dion.

The single will be part of the new album of Portuguese star Tony Carreira who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his successful career. The song performed in French and Portuguese is a duet with Natasha St-Pier. The original track Sous le vent was initially an all-in-French duet between the Canadian diva Céline Dion and fellow citizen Garou, released in 2001 (see here). The song had reached the top of the French and Belgian (Walloon region) music charts and #2 spot in Switzerland.

Tony Carreira is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest. He may have never represented is home country Portugal but did try his luck several times at the Festival RTP da Canção such as in 1988 (see here) and in 1992 (see here).