Croatia – more names for Dora 2007

by Charlotte Jensen 361 views

More of the participants for Dora 2007 have now been published. According to our partner the following names are now confirmed participants:

  • Goran Bare – He is a rock singer and will be singing the songs "Stolica za ljuljanje"
  • Tina Vukov – She came third in last years final
  • Luka Ni�etić – came in fourthplace in the 2005 Dora
  • Raspashow – took part in last years Dora
  • Emina Arapović – She is a female rock singer known for Dora 2005 and 2006
  • Ivana Radovniković – took part in Dora 2005
  • Damir ked�o – took part in Dora 2005
  • Đubrivo – this is most likely going to be a rock song
  • Miro Tabak – new to Dora
  • Studio Frendo – New to Dora, the band are from the city of Split
  • Lana Klingor – Former lead singer of the Band ET
  • Jelena Rozga –finished in 2nd place at the Dora 2005 with Magazin and also took part in the 2006 competition
  • Goran Karan – represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with the song Ostani, but also took part in Dora 2005.
  • Kraljevi Ulice ft Sanra Bagarić
  • Mladen Burnać ft. Ivanka Boljkovac will be singing the song "Nema šanse, šećeru"

As you can see it is quite well know names where many will have taken part in the national selection before. Even though this is not the complete list something points towards the fact that Croatia for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest will go for an experienced singer rather than an unknown name.

Due to Severina's 12th place finish in Athens, Croatia mustqualify through the semi-final against 27 other countries to take their place in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest final.

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