France: Amaury Vassili wants to return to Eurovision

by Stephane London 483 views

2011 French representative, Amaury Vassili , was live on MFM Radio last week and talked about his Eurovision Song Contest experience and his desire to enter the competition again.

Amaury Vassili represented France at the 56th Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf and was, according to the bookmakers at that time, the hot favourite to win the competition. Unfortunately, Amaury finished 15th and was very disappointed with his result. The following day, he made some complaints in the press and criticised the French jury and some other artists. However he surprised everyone by admitting last week, that he would happily take part in the contest again. He declared If I had to do it again, I would (…) I have actually asked to do it again but I would not go with the same intentions (…) I would not do it to win but to enjoy the experience, unique in its kind. Even if it’s hard for your ego to finish in the deep end.

Unfortunately for Amaury Vassili, he will not represent France at this year’s Eurovision song Contest as France 3 has announced the 3 finalists last month.

Amaury is currently on tour in Paris and he has confessed working hard on his 4th album. He mentioned his desire to explore new influences including  rock and follow on the footsteps of Freddie Mercury and Queen. His album is due for release next May 2014.

Amaury represented France in 2011 with the song in Corsican Sognu. The song won the Marcel Bezençon Composer Award, first and only success for France in this category. The song was written by Daniel Moyne, Quentin BacheletJean-Pierre Marcellesi and Julie Miller.

Would you like to see Amaury participate again?